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Bibliothèque Bayron, Etagère, Six Dispositions

The Bayron white shelving unit would add a touch of minimalism to your house. Featuring unique arch shapes, this storage shelving unit gives a unique flavor to you. Crafted from MDF, this wooden shelving unit is aesthetically pleasing and practical for a long period of usage.

Bibliothèque Moon, étagère

Kids would love this Moon book shelving unit crazily. The unique moon shape of this modern shelving unit enriches the space. With open storage space in multi-layer design, you could develop the habit of orderly storage of your kids with this bedroom shelving unit.

Bibliothèque Kya, étagère en bois

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A combination of minimalism and practicability, the Kya oak shelving unit is the perfect pick for your house. With large-capacity storage in divided compartments, this wooden shelving unit allows you to organize items neatly. This storage shelving unit is available in different sizes and colors, there must be one to fit your needs.

Bibliothèque Fleur, Etagère

Featuring drawers storage and shelf storage, the Flower wooden shelving unit provides rational planning of space for you, which would make your house tidier. Crafted from a high-quality iron frame, this storage shelving unit enables a stable structure with a good weight-bearing capacity. This living room shelving unit is available in different sizes and colors, there must be one to fit your needs.

Un Ensemble De Trois Bibliothèques, Etagères

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Nom du produit Un Ensemble De Trois Bibliothèques, Etagères Matériel Verre, Bois Dimensions Plus de détails ci-dessous Couleur Chêne Besoin d'assemblage Oui Conseils d'entretien Essuyer avec un chiffon humide si...

Étagère CASA, rangement d'entrée

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Differentiated from normal shelving units, our CASA industrial shelving unit would add a stylish touch to your space without a doubt. With a special appearance and bright color, this narrow shelving unit can also be a piece of art deco. Featuring MDF material and a metal base, this storage shelving unit can last for long-term usage.

Maze Étagère, Bibliothèque, Palissandre

Introducing our amazing Maze book shelving unit to you -- a bookshelf with X and O pattern flaps, which make storage become a fun game. With nine compartments, this living room shelving unit enables ample storage room for you. Features an innovative extension storage slot on each flap, making this wooden shelving unit is very convenient to display magazines/drawings, etc.

Étagère Salem, Bibliothèque, Frêne

à partir de £599.00
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Whether you are looking for a large solid wood bookshelf, or a space divider, this Salem book shelving unit is an excellent choice for you. This wooden shelving unit is simple and elegant and integrates the functions of storage, decoration, and partition, you can decide its function according to your own needs. With the innovative flaps of this storage shelving unit, they can be used to block messy parts or display your favorite books and drawings.

Étagère Butterworth, Bibliothèque

Add a touch of art to your space with this Butterworth book shelving unit. By tilting at an appropriate angle, the height between the 'non-parallel' partitions changes linearly, this wooden shelving unit can better accommodate the 'unknown' book height and achieve 'flat' placement. Available in two regular colors, this storage shelving unit would always provide visual comfort and beauty to your house.

Bibliothèque Cannage Rotin, Etagère, Chêne

Add some natural ingredients to your loving home with this Cane rattan shelving unit. With the nature of rattan, after the baptism of time, the rattan of this storage shelving unit will show a different texture. The frame of this oak shelving unit features a strong bearing capacity due to the high-quality rattan.

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