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Transform your living space with our Rug Collection, the perfect complement to your indoor armchair and mirror ensemble. Crafted to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home, our rugs offer a touch of luxury and style. From contemporary patterns to classic textures, discover the ideal rug to tie together your interior design and create a welcoming atmosphere in every corner of your space.

Tapis en laine Holt Rectangle, deux formes disponibles

à partir de £359.00
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Add a minimalist touch to your living room with this Holt rectangle wool rug. Featuring geometric shapes and light colors, this modern rug illustrates your simple yet rich taste for modern life. Step on this living room rug with bare feet, you would be amazed by its super soft touch.

Tapis ciel étoilé triangle

With a soft pinky tone, this Triangle Starry Sky living room rug can fit in any room decor. Featuring moderate thickness and tight weaving, this pink rug is not easy to wrinkle. The bottom of this modern rug is crafted from natural cotton and linen, which can effectively protect your loving floor.

Tapis en laine fractale Mundo, différentes formes disponibles

à partir de £399.00
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With various shapes available, this Mundo Fractal wool rug would be an attractive choice for your home. Featuring the natural transition of the colors, the color expression of this living room rug is very strong. When you step on this modern rug with bare feet, it will provide you with an extremely comfortable experience due to its high-quality wool material.

Tapis en laine pour parquet, différentes formes disponibles

Bring a fresh style to your life with this Parquet wool rug. Rather than striving for fashion with concave shapes, this minimalist living room rug can create a touching sense of luxury. With a combination of geometry and color blocks, this geometric rug makes your home look warmer.

Tapis en laine Henrik, différents styles disponibles

The Henrik wool rug is the rug that will bring freshness to your space. We hope that this modern rug is a warm and vital one that would make your room is full of the smell of being spoiled by time. The back of this living room rug is made of environmentally friendly jute rattan, which has good air permeability and is easy to maintain.

Tapis rond en laine Tazim, trois styles disponibles

Enrich your space with this Tazim round wool rug. Featuring soft tone colors, this round rug is ideal for modern living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. Made with super soft wool, this living room rug would provide excellent comfort to you.

Tapis en laine Jago, différentes formes disponibles

A wonderful sitting spot for you to have a cup of coffee and the latest book on a lazy afternoon, come meet our Jago wool rug. Designed in gradient colors, this living room rug would reflect your unique taste. With the high-quality wool material, you won't regret getting this modern rug to your home.

Tapis rond en laine Vaserely, différentes formes disponibles

The Vaserely round wool rug series would complement your decor with its fresh tone. In a round shape, this round rug can be matched up with any stylish interior. Made with high-quality wool, this living room rug would bring a fantastic luxurious feeling to you.

Tapis rond en laine Halo, différentes formes disponibles

à partir de £399.00
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Make a striking statement to your space with this Halo round wool rug. Blend with soft tone colors, this living room rug is simplistic yet compelling. Crafted environmentally friendly cotton and linen for this modern rug back, which ensures good air permeability and no damage to the floor.

Tapis rond en laine Rome II

The Rome round wool rug would make a big impression on your guests with its beautiful patterns. Given the soft and fine touch of this living room rug, it would create a striking feel for your space. Just step on this modern rug with your bare feet to enjoy the fantastic feeling.

Tapis en laine Freda, deux motifs disponibles

With geometric and simple line patterns, our Freda living room rug is the perfect pick for people who pursue minimalism. Featuring a lighter tone, this modern rug can be matched with different styled furniture very well. The bottom of this geometric rug is crafted from natural cotton and linen, which can effectively protect your loving floor.

Tapis en laine d'artiste, trois motifs disponibles

à partir de £359.00
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This modern rug wool features a multi-colored abstraction that will fit into any room decor. The color combination of the patterned rug gives you a look and feel and makes a statement in any room. A modern beige rug is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways. Clean rugs near me are really nice!

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